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In June 2008 God gave us a series for six months on a weekly basis to broadcast on the radio in Baltimore, MD concerning "What God has to say about "Marriage". In our everyday walk, people often ask us; What is our secret? or, they will comment, they like what they saw. We know now, it was God then and only is God now. and not us. In 2009-2011 we ministered in Chicago, to teens and up to the age of 40 plus years. My husband always had the unction to share his happiness with others and in June 2010 he began doing just that on his job and wherever God allowed the opportunity. In the fall of 2010 while in Israel touring the church in Canaan, where Jesus performed his first miracle the Holy Spirit had my husband and I unknowingly to us, renew our vows. We felt that we were married for the first time, praising and rejoicing the Father for a renewed marriage. In January 2013, during my quiet time the Lord gave me the mandate to have a conference, when I shared it with my husband, he told me that he already knew, God gave it to me in 2010; he was waiting for God to give it to me, thus launched our first conference in October 2013. As a result of this, our conferences have taken place each year thereafter. We believe that God has given us the mandate to continue this until Jesus comes and in October 2014, he joined us with the Morgan's to partner in the calling for the Savior.

May all of our family and friends seek the face of Christ this season and know that he is listening as we cry out to him.  Please have a blessed "Christ"mas (putting Christ first before the gifts and all other things.) He is the person we are celebrating, and we pray that we will always be mindful of the reason for the season. Blessings and Merry Christmas from our home to yours.