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We offer Officiant Services for Weddings, Catering Services for various occasions, as well as Mentoring of Engaged and Married Couples.

Service 1

HHMI Newsletter

HHMI Newsletter “Is Your Voice Being Heard?” People of God this is not the time for the children of God to be silent. We must come out of your closets and let the world know where our hopes are. With all the noise of the world going on around us it is our jobs to encourage and impact Gods people with HIS word whether in the grocery store or malls, wherever we are, what are we saying, it will make a difference? Impact someone's life not only for today, but, for a lifetime.

Service 2

Seven Steps to Keeping Intimacy, After You Say I DO!

This book what by our Pastor's is to help the thousands of married couples, divorced, engaged, and those persons that are contemplating marriage or divorce. Marriages today are suffering for many reasons. While none of us have a quick fix or all of the answers, keeping open communication, truth and intimacy in our marriages are a few of the most important factors. While considering that fact, intimacy with God first is foremost and should be your first relationship.Most of us do not work to keep our relationships with GOD healthy so, it is difficult to keep other relationships healthy. It is our prayer that this book will help you to obtain both.

We also have a CD entitled "I Have Made a Mess of My Life but God Still Wants Me to be His Messenger All of us, my beloved are X-something, however God still desires to use us for the divine purpose that He created us for.

Pastor. A. Morgan

Pastor Morgan does a weekly devotion that is entitled A Word for Your "Weak". This devotion is sent out once a week to inspire the hearts of Gods people. She has also published her first devotional entitled "A Word for your "Weak". This devotional is on this website as well as Barnes & noble, Books a Million, and, Amazon. While there may be times when we do not desire to admit it, all of us our beloved is "weak" somewhere and we need to be encouraged by the Master to not give-in or give-up. That is her desire, to lift you up, give you encouragement and a reason to never stop trying.